Jefferey Archer’s Prison Diaries

This is the only authorised theatrical version of the complete Prison Diaries of the disgraced peer Lord JEFFREY ARCHER, prisoner number FF 8282.

Using material from all three volumes of his best selling and very personal diaries Volume 1: Hell; Volume 2: Purgatory; Volume 3: Heaven (adapted by the award-winning playwright NORMAN HUDIS), the world famous author and playwright Jeffrey Archer tells the harrowing story, with a remarkable lack of self-pity, of what life is like inside one of Her Majesty’s Prisons in 21st century England:

Day 19. Monday 6 August 2001. 10.00pm. I have now been locked up in a Category A, high-security prison for over two weeks, which I share with thirty-two murderers and seventeen other lifers, mainly convicted of attempted murder or manslaughter. I lay awake in my thin, hard prison bed, my head resting on my thinner, harder prison pillow and wonder how decent normal people will react to ‘Fletch’s story, for here is a man of whom any one of us might say there but for the grace of God go I. These are the words of the prisoner known as Fletch (murder; life imprisonment; minimum sentence twenty-two years): am 38 years old and serving a life sentence for a murder I did not commit, but I only wish I had. My childhood ended at the age of 9 when I was sent to a home. I had no idea that what I was experiencing wasn’t the norm. Wasn’t every child going through this? Overnight I became a plaything for those who were employed to care for me, those in power.

‘The finest thing that he has ever written so clear and crisp is the prose which bubbles with Dickensian detail and a Shavian sense of outrage’ Independent on Sunday.

‘He raises these Diaries to the standards of a prison Pepys by being such an assiduous recorder of fellow inmates’ secrets’ Mail on Sunday.

‘Truly captures the fear, the violence and the numb bleakness of prison life’ Sunday Mirror.

‘Gruesome, touching, sharply written’ The best thing Archer has written’. Sunday Telegraph.

‘A chilling insight into the stark reality of life in Britain’s jails’ Daily Mail.

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