Theatrical Angel

Marc Sinden has further plays due for major productions this year and next, as well as two film projects in development.

“Some Producers can be contacted individually to see if they have ‘angel’ opportunities available. Although this may sound straightforward, in practise finding out which Producers have productions in the pipeline is not an easy matter for an average member of the public with no insider theatrical contacts. One Producer who has seen the light is Marc Sinden. Details of his forthcoming productions can be found on his website, with contact details for those interested in becoming an ‘angel’. He believes in personal contact with his investors and appears to treat them well. Mr Sinden sees himself as the theatrical equivalent of a chef who needs to get all the ingredients right for a successful production. Being from a theatrical background helps: his father is actor Donald Sinden. He also spent many years as an actor and his knowledge and experience of the theatre is extensive.” SuperHobby Investing.

If you would like to know more about the opportunity for financial participation in any of our forthcoming productions (known as being a THEATRICAL ANGEL), coming as our guest to our First Night and the First Night Party, meeting the Cast and Creative team and being intimately involved in the exciting and glamorous world of the West End Theatre, then contact Marc Sinden Productions using either the address or the phone number which are displayed below, or email us on

“… a leading London Producer.” The British Theatre Guide.

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